Complaint Policy

FOCUS and FOCUS Accredited Organizations strive for continual improvement, and welcome feedback as an opportunity to learn.

Do You Have a Complaint About FOCUS or a FOCUS Accredited Organization?

FOCUS encourages stakeholders to either provide feedback or formalize a complaint where concerns exist about the quality of services provided by FOCUS or a FOCUS accredited organization.

For a complaint about a FOCUS accredited organization, please also refer to the organization’s complaint policy and procedures.

FOCUS’ response will be timely, and all information provided is confidential, unless information received is not in good faith.  An impartial review and examination of the facts will follow.  All complainants will receive a response from FOCUS.

Steps to follow when you have a concern or would like to formalize a complaint:

  • Provide FOCUS with a written description of your concern or complaint.
  • Provide FOCUS with your name, your relationship to the organization (if applicable) or person of concern, a clear description of the matter at hand, and your contact information, including a telephone number and email address.
  • FOCUS encourages you to include in your correspondence how you would like to see the problem solved.

Written information can be provided using the contact form below or by emailing the FOCUS Executive Director: [email protected]

To speak with FOCUS’ Executive Director call our toll-free number: 1-866-805-2600, ext 21. If your concern involves FOCUS’ Executive Director, call our toll-free number and request a conversation with a member of the FOCUS Board of Directors.

After feedback about a concern or a formal complaint is received, FOCUS will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of the concern/complaint in writing within 10 days.
  • Contact you/the organization to clarify the complaint, if needed.
  • Track the person/organization’s complaint as it is reviewed.
  • Take the person/organization’s complaint to the FOCUS Board of Directors, if needed.
  • Provide a written response to the person/organization within 12 weeks from the time a formal complaint is made or sooner if possible.

If after receiving FOCUS’s response, you view the concern or complaint as unresolved, you may request that FOCUS’ formal grievance process be initiated.

Lastly, where your concern is about a FOCUS accredited organization and you remain dissatisfied with the result of the formal grievance process, you should contact the government body that provides funding to the organization of concern.


Interested in learning more about how we can help your organization? Give us a call at 1.866.805.2600, email us at [email protected], or fill out the contact form on our contact page.



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