FOCUS’ Peer Validator Cohort Continues to Grow

As the number of organizations registered and accredited by FOCUS grows and diversifies, so does the FOCUS Peer Validator Cohort – we now have a team of 40 trained Peer Validators. Pictured here are FOCUS Executive Director, Janeen Halliwell and Manager of Accreditation, David Livingstone with 10 newly trained Peer Validators. Training provides both the validators and their supporting organizations with access to information on how other organizations meet the FOCUS standards and demonstrate organizational excellence. Importantly, validators enhance their skill set in areas such as data gathering through review of documentation, conducting interviews, and observation; data analysis, measurement, and providing feedback; diplomacy, public speaking, teamwork and systems thinking are integral to the role. Joining the FOCUS Peer Validation Team are; Jackie, Lesley, Merla, Pamela, Patty, Paula, Rhonda, Sandi, Sharon and Sue.

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