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Developmental Services

In the Developmental Services sector, the FOCUS Quality Improvement and Accreditation Program prioritizes internal organizational alignment and transparency as a way to create a culture of continuous learning and improvement that will translate into more than just a “check” on an annual ministry compliance inspection – it will help you become a robust organization on many levels.

Endorsed by the Ministry of Community and Social Services as a best practice, accreditation can help you improve your quality of services and assist with meeting ministry standards. FOCUS takes a human-centric approach that evaluates the qualitative and quantitative aspects of your services, and most importantly, spends time with people supported.

For organizations working in the Developmental Services sector, the FOCUS Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program will help you identify where you can qualitatively improve your services, and provide validation of your existing practices through interviews with the people who use your services as well as internal and external stakeholders.

By participating in the FOCUS Quality Improvement and Accreditation Program, you’ll create a culture of transparency, openness and continuous improvement that goes beyond compliance – it simply becomes a part of what you do every day. The accreditation process is positive, uplifting and inclusive.

“FOCUS Accreditation challenges us as an agency to continuously look at what we do, evaluate our practices and continue to learn and grow which ultimately results in improvements to the supports and services that we provide.

I would highly recommend FOCUS to others.  The process ensures it is not a one-time project. Continuous quality improvement is especially important in an environment where we are constantly challenged to be innovative and to look at ways to transform services.”

Kelly Christo, Director of Operations, Woodstock and District Developmental Services

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