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Quality Improvement & Accreditation Program

FOCUS Quality Improvement and Accreditation Program

Engaging in FOCUS’ Quality Improvement and Accreditation Program provides your organization with current standards, tools, and development activities that will benefit the people using services, those providing them and other key stakeholders. Our program includes:

  • FOCUS Quality Improvement Tools – Current Standards & best practices, GAP Analysis & Evidence Guide
  • Introductory Webinar – One-on-One with your organization
  • In-Person Orientation Session – Topics cover quality management, accreditation standards and validation process, and is facilitated by FOCUS at your home location
  • Participation in monthly on-line Community of Practice Webinar – Led by FOCUS and involving guest speakers to support organizations with understanding & meeting standards
  • 1-800 telephone and quick response email support
  • Annual FOCUS Learning Events – Registered organizations receive a discount rate
  • Readiness Assessment – Involving review of documents and interview with FOCUS – to reinforce sound investment of your resources
  • Onsite Validation – Orientation meeting; comprehensive data collection involving interviews with a large selection of key stakeholders and site visits; wrap-up meeting; and written report
  • 45-day Promise – FOCUS’ Accreditation Committee makes accreditation decisions and informs organizations within 45 days of the time of the on-site validation
  • FOCUS PR Media Kit and Widespread Recognition of Success – Includes press release template, FOCUS letter of accreditation to funding bodies, community partners, etc. as requested by the organization; accreditation logos,  accreditation certificate, inclusion on FOCUS’ website list of accredited organizations
  • Peer Validator Cohort Membership – Involves training and ongoing professional development
  • FOCUS Seal of Sustainability – For 3rd accreditation cycle onwards…
  • Current, Credible & Recognized Accreditation Standards & Process for continuous learning, improving and sustaining of organizational excellence.
  • Insurance Discount for FOCUS Accredited organizations.