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Accreditation Process

Accreditation Process

Quality Improvement and learning are at the centre of accreditation. To assist organizations as they work toward accreditation, we have developed a number of tools.

FOCUS Evidence Guide
Once an organization has registered, it receives an Evidence Guide. The guide identifies for the organization ways in which it can demonstrate that it is meeting the standards, and the types of evidence the validators will look for during the onsite validation process.

GAP Analysis
Completing the GAP Analysis is the first step taken by the organization to determine its “current” state in relation to meeting the FOCUS standards – it identifies where the focused work will need to happen for the organization to earn accreditation.

Telephone and On-line Support
FOCUS provides toll-free telephone support and quick response emails to clarify information, offer suggestions and guide you to helpful resources.

Monthly On-line Community of Practice
This online community of practice connects point people from all registered organizations on a monthly basis. Guests speakers, along with interactive discussion, provides participants with answers to questions, and an opportunity to learn from one another.

Learning Events 
FOCUS hosts a Learning Event annually. Registered organizations receive a 10% discount.

FOCUS works with organizations of all sizes. The fee for our Quality Improvement and Accreditation Program is based on the organization’s annual fixed budget.

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