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Become a Peer Validator

As the number of organizations registered and accredited by FOCUS grows and diversifies, so does the FOCUS Peer Validator Cohort – we now have a team of over 40 trained Peer Validators.

Training provides both the validators and their supporting organizations with access to information on how other organizations meet the FOCUS standards and demonstrate organizational excellence – leading to improvement and learning for both organizations.

Validators enhance their skills in areas such as:

  • Data gathering through review of documentation, conducting interviews, and observation
  • Data analysis, measurement, and providing feedback
  • Diplomacy, public speaking, teamwork and systems thinking

All of these skillsets are integral to the Peer Validator role.

FOCUS recruits Peer Validators on a regular basis, and a one day in-person training session is provided. Afterward, the cohort of Peer Validators meet via video conferencing, and attend an annual in-person training session.

Here’s what FOCUS Peer Validators are saying about their experience:

FOUCS is a professional unbiased approach to determining quality supports and services of an organization.  As  Peer Validators it is essential that we promote a commitment to FOCUS’ vision, understanding the need to share the fundamental beliefs and translate those into actions.  It has been a privilege to be a Peer Validator for 5 years enhancing my understanding and ability to apply FOCUS standards within other organizations as well as my own.

Maureen Tomchick, Manager, Quality Assurance, Community Living London

Do you want to become a peer validator? Fill out the form below to add your name to the list, and we’ll reach out in our next recruitment cycle.


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