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Get Involved

Community Involvement

The community charted FOCUS’ direction, and we continue to develop and maintain strong community involvement. We encourage you to get involved in FOCUS’ activities by taking part as a:

  • Board member
  • Peer Validator
  • Accreditation Committee Member
  • Survey Respondent
  • Focus Group Participant
  • Special Projects Consultant

Giving Input

We encourage people who use and work in services to share their views in a number of ways, including sitting on committees, responding to surveys and taking part in focus groups. For more information about how to get involved, contact us. We will be happy to hear from you.

Accreditation Committees

The FOCUS Accreditation Committee ensures the integrity of our Quality Improvement and Accreditation Program. Volunteer committee members are professionals with vast knowledge and experience in the sectors in which FOCUS client organizations provide services. Committee members have no direct affiliation with any one organization. Their professional backgrounds differ, for example, some are adult educators, consultants, retired Executive Directors and Ministry employees, Board members, and so forth. Three members form an ad-hoc committee for each organization that has completed the on-site validation component. Committee members review the organization’s accreditation report, meet via tele-conference, review the findings in the report, conduct a question and answer session with the Manager of Accreditation who led the on-site process, and provide the final decision as to the level of accreditation awarded: a 4 year, deferred or non-accreditation.

FOCUS is currently recruiting Accreditation Committee members. To inquire into membership, please fill in the contact form indicating your interest.