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Here’s what our clients are saying:

FOCUS’ commitment to collaboration through sharing between agencies, creating learning opportunities, and seeking input from key stakeholders has been valuable to our organization, and has provided tangible ways for Christian Horizons to make our services better.

– Janet Nolan
CEO Christian Horizons

When the Board was first approached to enter into [accreditation] I was not entirely sold, having been involved in other accreditation processes, I felt it would just be another rubber stamp and a way for an organization to collect funds. Was I wrong! Our Board and staff would highly recommend FOCUS to others. Organizations will be better for having gone through the process and better able to meet the multiple demands of our funders.

– Tom Kilner
Community Living Fort Erie

It was a pleasure for us to work with such a professional and supportive organization as FOCUS Accreditation. Their respect for the culture of our agency, and the emphasis on organizational learning was a perfect match for us.

– Brian Smith
Community Living Prince Edward

The team at FOCUS displayed consistent professionalism, guidance and insight throughout the entire process. They did not waiver in their roles and we clearly experienced a very high standard of accountability from the initial registration to the accreditation announcement.

– Leigh Sweeney
Executive Director, Bernadette McCann House for Women

The FOCUS validation process involved looking at every aspect of the organization and ensuring we were achieving the highest standard of support for people receiving services and their families. People receiving support, families, community partners, employees, and funders were all interviewed to ensure the information was drawn from a variety of stakeholders. Every report indicated that the FOCUS team was extremely professional and respectful of all people they met with. We can now stand tall and know the quality of service we provide has been validated by a third party and they have confirmed we provide exceptional supports and services. We are proud to be FOCUS accredited.

– Michelle Palmer
Executive Director, Community Living London

Participation House Support Services London and Area recently received its 2nd accreditation for a 4-year term through FOCUS Accreditation.  FOCUS uses a rigorous process that reviews the entire organization and its supports and services. People receiving services, their family members, board members, staff, volunteers, funders, and community partners were interviewed to ensure that the depth and breadth of information received reflected the quality of services and supports delivered. FOCUS performed its role with sensitivity and professionalism, underpinned by standards and expectations of quality and accountability. As an organization committed to continual learning, FOCUS Accreditation matched our culture and our wish to be a creative service provider. We are confident that our organization, validated by FOCUS Accreditation, operates at a very high standard at all levels with an expectation that we will continue to grow, learn and be innovative.

– Brian Dunne
Executive Director, Participation House Support Services

Here’s what FOCUS Peer Validators are saying about their experience:

My FOCUS experience has been about growth. Every encounter I have had as a Peer Validator has helped me to grow as a person. I also see organizations growing — and the people involved in those organizations; the people they support and their communities. It is like we are all growing together towards a greater thing. That, to me, is life-giving

– Don

I have been a peer validator for almost 5 years and have participated in several validations.  Each and every validation, I meet incredible people, I witness creative and innovative practices for providing supports and I learn.  I learn how caring, inspired and resourceful cultures are created and maintained.   I learn different ways that agencies have worked together to meet the standards set by FOCUS.   And, I learn that by building a network of colleagues, we can assist each other in our purpose of providing respectful and qualitative supports in our home agencies.  I am very appreciative that Community Living Elgin has supported me to learn so I can help our agency grow, while assisting FOCUS Accreditation in their goal of continuous quality improvement.

– Mary

Being a Peer Validator increases my working knowledge of quality assurance activities particularly as they relate to each FOCUS standard.

– Paula

I like being a Peer Validator as it’s a great networking opportunity and provides exposure to new ideas and best practices while gaining confidence in my skills and abilities

– Maureen