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Strategic Directions

Sustain – Engage – Improve

Alongside our client organizations, FOCUS is committed to and engaged in purposeful action to continuously improve our services and become accredited.  Since its inception FOCUS has experienced much success, as measured by consistently high levels of satisfaction ratings from our clients, steady growth in the number of organizations we work with, and the ongoing expansion of our standards and services to meet, and surpass, the needs of the diverse human service organizations engaged in FOCUS’ Quality Improvement and Accreditation Program.  We know that high quality services are provided by organizations that value and practice learning, accountability and transparency, and we have been intentional in designing a Quality Improvement and Accreditation Program that is replete with tools and experiences that foster these organizational attributes.

Sustain – Engage – Improve:  These are the three strategic directions guiding FOCUS’ work as we grow and move forward.

1. Sustain engagement of existing FOCUS client organizations.

FOCUS values the 60+ organizations we currently work with and we continue to enhance our service offerings to better their experience.  Of top priority – providing client organizations with useful standards, tools and learning experiences that benefit both people receiving and providing services.  Approaches include:

  • 4-year Accreditation Award
  • Seal of Sustainability for organizations accredited 3 times and onward
  • Annual Innovation Award
  • Annual Learning Event
  • Monthly Community of Practice Webinar
  • Standards reflecting current best and successful practices
  • Peer Validator Program
  • Ongoing promotional opportunities
  • Research and co-presentation involvement

2. Engage additional organizations from various sectors in FOCUS’ Quality Improvement and Accreditation Program.

Approaches include:

  • Continuous expansion of core standards and service specific standards.  FOCUS has standards for: developmental services, community health, children and family services, women’s shelters and support services, clinical services, sensory impairment services, seniors’ services and attendant care – with other areas in the development phase.
  • Providing at the time of registration: Standards, GAP Analysis, Evidence Guide and Crosswalk documents comparing standards with Ministry regulations; and customized one-day quality assurance and accreditation training sessions.
  • Opportunity to engage in a dynamic community of learning organizations.

3. Improve FOCUS operations

Approaches include:

  • Continue to develop and implement structures, policies, procedures and processes that align with International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua) standards, and earn accreditation.
  • Continued and enhanced use of a Project-Based Organization (PBO) HR strategy, which involves experts from a variety of sectors in carrying out FOCUS’ work.